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Members of the International Youth Climate Movement preform a dance in front of the plenary, calling for strong action and climate justice. (Photos: kindly provided by Robert van Waarden -

You might have heard it in the media already. The 15. Conference of the Parties to the UN Climate Convention (UNFCCC) was offically opened yesterday in Copenhagen, Denmark. I will be there with thousands of young people eager to do their best to contribute to a sound climate treaty. Ivo de Boer, head of the UNFCCC, addressed the main issues in his opening speech. The governments meeting in Copenhagen need to achieve the following:
- binding emission reduction targets
- substancial financing for poor countries to adapt to climate change
- help for developing countries to shift to greener technologies and help them reducing deforestation

And last but not least he also stressed out that we need a change in mindset. I believe Ivo de Boer is right. It is not only about money, its - in the end- about the lifestye each one of us leads. What do you do to contribute to a low carbon future?

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