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Where do we go from Bali - instructions for the Roadmap

A youth delegate protesting at the Bali 10th anniversity of the Kyoto Protocol

Hey friends,

sorry but I was so busy that I did not really take the time to sum up the Bali conference. Nevertheless, since some of you asked I am happy to contribute a few lines.

On the road again

The international media reported a lot about Bali...and often the impression was transported that Bali should already come up with targets for emission reductions. Well, in Bali noone expected that - especially from countries like the US. All the delegates were sure about that there won´t be real negotiations before 2009 - so expect the targets to be negotiated then.

The so-called "Bali roadmap" was concluded here - this is something like a plan on when to achieve what to arrive at a new deal in 2009. Frustrating slow, you think? For most of the delegates it was appreciated to have this result at all. Until the end of the COP many developing countries did not like the passage in the text requiring ambitious targets from them. Finally India made a slightly different proposal which was accepted by most ...except the US. Then the conference got really exciting. The UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon as well as the Indonesian prime minister urged delegates to find a solution. And even countries like Papua New Guinea stung the US by saying that "they should lead or get out of the way". After so much scorn the US finally agreed on the text....which was quite a close race.

Climate is REDD

In my view the most interesting outcome of Bali was the mandate to include the reduction from emissions from tropical deforestation and degradation into the future climate regime. The debate was spurred by many countries or NGO initiates (and most of all the private sector) steping forward to propose pilot activities and investment willingness in the issue. This could really be the first time ever that a legally binding framework for forest protection is established under the UN auspices. The potential to protect rainforests has never been bigger. So lets see what the next two years will bring in terms of targets and finance for forests and climate alike. If you want to know more specific stuff from the conference just write me or read my blog in the forest and climate group.



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