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International Day of Climate Action - Impressions from Berlin, Germany

Dear friends,

there were incredible 5,200 climate actions in 170 countries around the world this saturday. On the "International Day of Climate Action" thousands of people went to the streets to protest for a strong climate agreement in Copenhagen. There, the upcoming climate conference should set stringent emission targets to reduce the GHG concentration of the atmoshpere to 350 parts per million! In Berlin a very creative action took… Continue

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''Why should Southern nations sacrifice opportunities for development to address a problem primarily caused by industrial nations? How do proposed climate change solutions address equity concerns''

Equity and efficiency are critical in addressing climate change as the global action necessary places an additional burden on the poorest of the poor in Southern Nations. Climate change activities have the potential to create significant international and intergenerational implications for equity and sustainable development. Impoverished

countries do not produce the bulk of greenhouse gases and given their struggle to develop they should not be asked to sacrifice the scarce opportunities… Continue

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Seeing the Garden in the Jungle (article and some thoughts)

Hello all. Just got the package with the movie and magazine as I got back this week :) Thanks very much.

It got me re-thinking again my definition of "biodiversity-dependent" persons... those who work directly with the land, forest, etc. But aren't we all-- in every single way-- biodiversity-dependent? This distinction is a big part of the problem. Again, as our concentrated energy sources (oil) shrink, getting people to live close to their production-- or produce their own-- is… Continue

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