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A very interesting scientific article about the costs of the oil spill:


See this new article in Solutions by Robert Costanza, David Batker, John W.
Day, Jr., Rusty Feagin, M. Luisa Martinez, and Joe Roman about the
magnitude of the damage caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. As
efforts to plug the leak and clean up the damages continue, it is not too
soon to begin to draw lessons from this disaster. We need to learn from
this experience to help prevent future oil spills, reevaluate society�s
current trajectory, and set us on a better course. While the Obama
administration�s demand for a trust fund to compensate injured parties is
appropriate, it arrived only after the fact.

Read about new institutions (like common asset trusts) and financial
instruments (like assurance bonds) to shift the burden of proof and prevent
disasters like this in the future.

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