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I magine if we decide to take care of wildanimals that live in the same forests that we sruggle so much to conserve. At Dawn Africa we are not just conserving the environment and forests, but also the animals that live in these forests. Whats your take?

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Hey Victor,

thanks for this discussion. I think you are right - one cannot divide the forest from the wildlife within it. Actually it is often an ecologically finetuned system with animals acting as crucial part in the ecosystem. Examples are birds or mammals that do disperse seeds and thus also help growing new trees. But how is the situation in your region: are there enought tourists to gain some income from wildlife tourism, which might help to protect the forest animals?

Hi Milka,

Am trying to advocate for enough tourists in my country so that we take care of wild animals. We are also involved in turtle conservation as well as marine expeditions.

Hey Victor,

sounds interesting. We have a lot of people here in the network with some good knowledge and ideas for ecotourism and wildlife tourism. Have you checked out the group Eco-Tourism?

You might also get in contact with Maurice Ogoma from Kenya or with Anna from Germany (you find both in the search function on top of the start page).


Hope this helps you to pursue your goals in Kenya.




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