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hello everybody!
my name is jan, i am planning to make a project against racism. Actually i am working as a educator, so i am working with children and young people. I have a big dream . I dont know what i wanna do exactly, but i know that i want do something. Something against rasicm and something where people from all over the world do something togehter. Maybe you want to get a part of my big idea to start a discussion, event project or what ever!!!!!

best regards Jan

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Hey Jan,
you might want to start a project with another environmental youth organisation in Europe. Check out the latest issue of the YEE magazine, where some of its member organisations are introduced:

I recall that e.g. the guys from GAIA in Portugal (also in the magazine) were really cool and had some interest in such topics.
Let me know if this helps.
Best and looking forward your ideas.
Hey Mika,
thanks for replying! I will have a look on the papers, maybe there will be a ngo or a project which i can join or conact! Maybe you want be the first member of my project-group? ;)

Best regards
well that sound great and i`m willing to help with ideas as well.Jan just let me know what you have in mind then we can see how we can work it.

Best Regards

actually I working togehter with a one world shop. You know these shops which are selling faire trade stuff? I want buil up there a youth area. I want to go in school classes or build up a group with young people to start actions, projects and so on. Do you have icq or skype or something like this?

best regards jan
Hi Jan,

I know one company called "Society for Fair Trade". Thez work in my city, in Brno in Czech Republic. They organize campaignes, they run a shop with Fair Trade stuff, they do education as well. I´m going to become one of lector.
So I want to ask you, how far are you with the idea of an action? What about cooperation?

I add link to the Society:

Hi Jan!! I'm new here and I would very much like to have the opportunity to be a part of projects like that! Ciao from Greece! Wish I can find the way to assist in any way I can! Pls update me with info!




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