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I'm not sure whether this is the right place to post my questions. Anyway ... I'll try.

What are the reasons to become a semi-vegetarian i.e. to abstain from red meat?
How can it effect your health, protection of animals and nature?
Is it acceptable or just inconsequent?

I've browsed multiple websites and noticed that vegetarianism is a very emotional topic. So I'm looking for more impartial facts and opinions.

Your answers are very much appreciated.

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I have myself often wondered about the real ethics and reasons behind semi-vegetarianism, aspecially as as you say often white meat is still eaten.

"The average meat eater is responsible for the deaths of approximately 760 chickens, 46 Turkeys, 29 Sheep, 20 pigs, 15 ducks, 7 rabbits, 5 cows and more than 1000 fish."

These figures suggest that in fact red meat account for many less actualy animal deaths per person, altough as you say there are often also health reasons when avoiding red meat such as high cholesterol and cancer causing compouns from over-cooked red meat.

Also, red meat such as bacon and salami are cured with chemicals that have been linked to increased rates of cancer such as nitrosamines which are carcinogenic when consumed in large amounts. Unfortunately, all bacon and salami contains this compound as preservatives, showing more reasons against red meat in particular.

I myself am debating with myself about my eating habits as my family is quite anti-vegetarian but i myself am becoming more and more drawn to it.


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